We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly inquires asked by our customers below.
If you have any inquiries that are not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

A: The kimono, nagajuban, tabi, zori, and kinchaku are all provided, so feel free to come as you are. During winter, we recommend that you wear innerwear or leggings under the kimono to combat the cold.

The amount of time necessary will vary by person, but you can expect to spend 5 minutes choosing your kimono, 15 minutes getting the kimono put on, and 15 minutes to do your hair. Overall, it will take around 60 minutes. We recommend coming early on weekends and during peak event seasons in Asakusa as the area will get quite crowded.

We have sizes up to 2L and beyond.

Yes, we will take good care of your clothes. Please be sure to put any valuables in the kinchaku (the small kimono pouch) that we will provide for you.

Please choose a hairstyle from our hairstyle catalog. We also can accept special requests for more glorious and gorgeous hairstyles.

Please come back before 17:30/5:30 the same day. 

If you wish to return it the next day, you may do so for an additional 1000 yen.

Yes, you can rent a shawl or haori for 500 yen a piece.

Yes, but we ask that you please call or e-mail us by 10:00 in the morning the day before your reservation.

If you cancel by 10:00 the day before your reservation, there will be no cancellation fee. However, if you cancel after 10:00, there will be a cancellation fee, so please keep that in mind.

It generally ends at 17:00/5:00 p.m. , however please check the available times when filling out the reservation form. Depending on how crowded we are, it is possible that we may not have openings at the time you desire.

We are unable to provide a vanity and beauty appliances, so please keep this in mind.

We’re deeply sorry, but we only accept cash at this time.

Yes, you are free to bring your own kimono. We can help you with formal attire such as homongi, tomesode, furisode, and dressing up for shichi-go-san. There will be an additional fee of 8000~ yen. For more details, please send us an e-mail or call us.

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Yes, you can add them to your plan for 300 yen and we have a a variety that you are free to choose from.

It is possible, but we only allow women who are around the second trimester of their pregnancy. Please write how far along you are in the remarks column of the reservation form or tell us over the phone.

Yes, generally a woman will be the one putting on your kimono, however sometimes male staff members will help male customers.

Yes, it is. For more details, please talk to the staff.