Kamakura Hakama Rental Plan

Kamakura Hakama Rental Plan

1 person

6,480Yen (excluding tax)/ Name[7,128Yen (incl. tax)]

Recommended for Kamakura Hakama walks and ceremonies!

If you want to rent cute Hakama in Kamakura, we recommend our store where all Hakama are the same price no matter which one you choose.
Many people rent Hakama for sightseeing in Kamakura. Our Hakama rental service offers three types of Kimonos to choose from: Komon/Nishaku-sode/Furisode and can be used for casual or formal purposes. We offer a wide variety of cute Hakama rentals in Kamakura at reasonable prices, from standard retro-modern to girly and cute Hakama! We recommend using our Hakama rentals to add seasonal items that are popular on SNS to traditional Hakama outfits! Using trendy items with a Taisho-romantic Hakama will make you look more fashionable. Let's stroll the streets of Kamakura with your favorite hakama coordinates.

Hakama Rental Plan Differences

Set includes [Kimono (komon) + Hakama] 6,480 yen/person (tax not included)[7,128円/人(税込)]

  • Hakama Rental (Kimono/Hakama/Hanhada Belt/Long Underwear/Underwear)

  • Accessories rental (tabi/zori/ hakama kinchaku/hairdress)

  • dressing

  • hair set

  • Baggage storage

Set includes [Nishaku-sode + Hakama] 8,500 yen/person (tax not included)[9,350円/人(税込)]

  • Hakama Rental (Nishaku-Sode/Hakama/Hanhada-Belt/Long Underwear/Underwear)

  • Accessories rental (tabi/zori/ hakama kinchaku/hairdress)

  • dressing

  • hair set

  • Baggage storage

Set includes [Furisode + Hakama] 19,800 yen/person (tax not included)[21,780円/人(税込)]

  • Hakama Rental (Furisode/Hakama/Hanhada Belt/Long Underwear/Underwear)

  • Accessories rental (tabi/zori/ hakama kinchaku/hairdress)

  • dressing

  • hair set

  • Baggage storage

rental goods


You can choose from Komon, Nishaku-sode, and Furisode depending on your plan.

man's formal divided skirt

Plain, patterned, and lacy. Available in a variety of colors.


Over 100 types to choose from, including cold colors, warm colors, solid colors, lace, etc.

long, kimono-like garment, made of light fabric and worn under the kimono

A wide selection of products, from plain to patterned


Soft and comfortable material


Clean and available in large sizes.

zori (Japanese footwear sandals)

Large selection, large sizes available

hair ornaments

A wide variety of headdresses, flower decorations, and hairpins

Japanese style bag

From cute drawstring type to large bags with excellent capacity

Kimonos can be selected from Komon, Nishaku-sode, and Furisode, depending on the plan.

Types of Kimono to Match Hakama Rental in Kamakura: Komon, Nishaku-sode and Furisode

Komon + Hakama

The combination of komon and hakama is recommended for exploring Hakama in street clothes.
This plan is recommended for those who want to enjoy a casual stroll in the Hakama with a casual kimono with short sleeves. This plan is especially popular during the graduation season in March.

Nishaku Sleeves + Hakama

The combination of nishaku-sode and hakama, which is also recommended for ceremonies, is perfect for strolling around town wearing hakama.
There is a wide variety, from standard retro-modern designs to girly and cute designs.
The Nishaku Sode is also characterized by its classic Taisho-romantic design, which is "the hakama". The combination of nishakusode and hakama, our most popular hakama rental, is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy authentic hakama coordination or cute and stylish hakama coordination.

Furisode + Hakama

The combination of Furisode and Hakama makes a gorgeous and glamorous impression! This plan is recommended for those who want to stand out from others and for ceremonies such as graduation ceremonies. The "big furisode," which has the longest sleeves of all kimonos, is perfect for celebrations and events. A full-fledged furisode hakama including new patterns and brand-name furisode is available at a very reasonable price of 19,800 yen. A wide variety of accessories are also available, from standard items to trendy items. Please enjoy stylish and cute furisode coordinates.

Recommended for

  • For those who want to stroll Hakama in Kamakura.

  • To commemorate your graduation trip or as a memory with your friends.

  • Those attending formal events such as ceremonies

  • For first-time Hakama wearers

  • For those who want to wear cute hakama

  • Those who want to choose from many hakama without worrying about the price.

  • Those who want to wear Hakama as a commemorative gift because their graduation ceremony was cancelled.

Why we recommend renting Hakama from Kamakura Kimono Rental Waraku

The largest number of hakama in stock in Kamakura

We have a wide variety of hakama to match kimono, including laced and embroidered hakama. Light pastel colors, standard navy blue and green, etc.
You are free to choose whatever you like. Kimonos are available in Komon/Nishaku-sode/Furisode according to the length of the sleeves to suit your purpose. Komon + Hakama" for those who want to wear Hakama casually in street clothes.
We recommend "Nishakusode + Hakama" for those who want to wear Hakama in a more authentic way and "Furisode + Hakama" for those who want to wear Hakama in a glamorous way.

5-minute walk from Kamakura Station, close to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and Komachi Street.

Kamakura Kimono Rental Waraku is a store near the station where it is easy to rent and return kimonos.
The restaurant is located in the center of Kamakura sightseeing, close to Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine, a popular sightseeing spot in Kamakura, and Komachi-dori, the main shopping street.

Hakama rentals are also available for a commi...

Hakama Rental Set" and "Accessory Rental Set" with hair ornament and hair set, and baggage storage are included, so you don't need to bring anything! You can rent a full-fledged Hakama that can be used for ceremonies at a reasonable price. We have a wide variety of Hakama to choose from, so you can enjoy wearing a stylish and cute Hakama that suits you.

Time required for departure

The average time for dressing is about 1 to 1.5 hours, including the time for the reception, choosing kimono and accessories, and changing luggage. During busy seasons, we recommend that you allow about 75 minutes. Please consider this as a rough estimate, as it depends on the time needed to select the kimono and accessories.

*The time required to select kimonos and accessories varies from customer to customer. Please consider this as a rough estimate, as it may vary depending on store conditions.

Final return time
Until 5:30 p.m.

Last Reception Time
Until 4:00 p.m.


Kimono height: Women 148cm to 175cm
Our return time is until 5:30 pm. Please note that we will not be able to return any items after that time.
Hakama's "Next Day Return Option" cannot be added on the same day. Please add it at the time of reservation. We do not support return by mail.
We do not offer hakama for elementary school students.
In case of delay, we will start preparing for the guests who arrive first.


stall (of an engine or aircraft)
550 yen
550 yen
Japanese umbrella
550 yen
Various lace accessories
550 yen
Carry-on case storage
550 yen/unit
Baby stroller storage
550 yen/unit
Rickshaw *Fare for 1 person when 2 people use the rickshaw (from 45 min. )
From 8,250 yen
Next day return of hakama
3,300 yen

Hakama Rental Plan FAQ

Is there anything I should prepare?

Hakama Plan includes a complete set of Hakama and accessories, so you do not need to bring anything in particular. In winter, a body warmer is also recommended.

Do you have a preview of the hakama?

It is possible. Please make a reservation by selecting "Hakama pre-view for 0 yen" in the web reservation menu. Please note that reservations made outside of the above times will be invalid. The preview time is limited to 30 minutes. We do not offer pick-up or change of kimono over the phone.

Can I bring my own hair ornament?

It is possible. If you wish to have it done, please feel free to ask our hair staff on the day of your wedding. (Please note that we do not accept hair ornaments that require us to create the design, such as mizuhiki hair ornaments.

Can I bring my own hakama to be dressed?

Hakama will be charged at 19,800 yen (tax not included).

Can I bring my own boots?

You may bring your own boots. Please let our staff know on the day of your visit.

Do you offer hakama for elementary school students?

We do not offer hakama for elementary school students.
Hakama are available for women 148cm or taller. Adult hakama are also available for elementary school children if they meet the height requirement.

Kamakura Kimono Recommendation
Rental Plans

Kamakura Yukata RentalStudent Discount Plan

1 person

2,980Yen(excluding tax)/ Name[3,278Yen (incl. tax)]

Kamakura Yukata RentalCouple Plan

2 persons per couple

5,980Yen(excluding tax)/ Team[6,578Yen (incl. tax)]

Kamakura Yukata RentalGroup Plans

3 persons

2,980Yen(excluding tax)/person[3,278Yen (incl. tax)]

Kamakura Yukata Full Set Plan

1 person

3,500Yen(excluding tax)/person[3,850Yen (incl. tax)]


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