Furisode/Hakama Rental Plan

Furisode/Hakama Rental Plan

1 person

7,980Yen (excluding tax)/ Name[8,778Yen (incl. tax)]

Asakusa Furisode/Hakama strolls are also recommended.

In Asakusa, there are many people who rent kimonos for sightseeing. Our staff members are skilled at dressing kimono, so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands! We will dress you in a way that will not be painful even if you spend a long time strolling the streets of Asakusa. We have many gorgeous furisode that look great on Instagram and popular brand-name furisode! You want to wear furisode even if it is not a special occasion such as a coming-of-age ceremony or a wedding! But you think it is too expensive and you can't afford it...! At WARAKU, we offer the lowest prices in order to make your special day easier and more affordable. Please come and visit us with your friends and family.

Hakama Rental Plan - Asakusa sightseeing and walking around town in Hakama!

Recommended for

  • I want to use Hakama for walking around town.

  • My graduation ceremony was cancelled and I want to wear a hakama to commemorate the event.

  • Commemorative graduation trip

  • For memories with friends

  • I want to use it for a photo shoot.

Set Details - Hakama Rental Plan

formal, usually black, kimono with designs along the bottom of the skirt worn by married women on ceremonial occasions
7,980 yen (excluding tax ) [8,778円(税込)]

5/3~5/7: 9,800 yen/person (tax not included) [10,780円/人(税込)]

  • Hakama Rental (Hakama/Komon/Obi/Long Underwear/Underwear)
  • Accessories Rental (Hakama Kinchaku/ Tabi Shoes/ Zori)
  • hair set
  • Baggage storage

hakama that are loose at the top and tight at the bottom
9,800 yen (tax not included ) [10,780円(税込)]

5/3~5/7: 14,980 yen/person (tax not included) [16,478円/人(税込)]

  • Hakama Rental (Hakama / Nishaku-Sode / Obi / Long Underwear / Underclothes)
  • Accessories Rental (Hakama Kinchaku/ Tabi Shoes/ Zori)
  • hair set
  • Baggage storage

hakama that are loose at the top and tight at the bottom
19,800 yen (tax not included ) [21,780円(税込)]

5/3~5/7: 22,000 yen/person (tax not included) [24,200円/人(税込)]

  • Hakama Rental (Hakama/ Furisode/ Obi/ Long Underwear/ Underwear)
  • Accessories Rental (Hakama Kinchaku/ Tabi Shoes/ Zori)
  • hair set
  • Baggage storage

rental goods


You can choose from Komon, Nishaku-sode, and Furisode depending on your plan.

man's formal divided skirt

Plain, patterned, and lacy. Available in a variety of colors.


Over 100 types to choose from, including cold colors, warm colors, solid colors, lace, etc.

long, kimono-like garment, made of light fabric and worn under the kimono

A wide selection of products, from plain to patterned


Soft and comfortable material


Clean and available in large sizes.

zori (Japanese footwear sandals)

Large selection, large sizes available

hair ornaments

A wide variety of headdresses, flower decorations, and hairpins

Japanese style bag

From cute drawstring type to large bags with excellent capacity

Kimonos can be selected from Komon, Nishaku-sode, and Furisode, depending on the plan.

Option - Hakama Rental Plan

Various lace accessories
550 yen
550 yen
Japanese umbrella
550 yen
Next day return of hakama
3,300 yen/day
suitcase storage
550 yen/piece

Are you having trouble? Hakama rental in Asakusa!

I want to enjoy renting Hakama easily.
I want to wear Hakama as a memorial since my graduation ceremony was cancelled.
I want to rent a Hakama from a large variety of Hakama and Kimonos.
I want to rent a Hakama for walking around town and sightseeing in Asakusa.
I want to stand out from other girls with stylish hakama and kimonos.
I want to wear a cute hakama but on a budget.
I want to shoot Hakama.

Advantages of Our Hakama Rental - Hakama Rental Plan

All for the same price no matter which one you choose!

All kimono and hakama are the same price, so you can choose to your heart's content. We also have a wide variety of colors to choose from, so if you want to twin coordinate with your friends, or if you don't want to look like your friends, we can accommodate you.

Many types of kimono

Nishakusode + Hakama is our most popular plan.
We have the largest stock of hakama in Asakusa, so you can choose from an infinite number of combinations. Of course, we also have a wide variety of kimonos, including komon, nishaku-sode, and furisode (long-sleeved kimono), so they can be used for various purposes. Many customers use our shop for graduation and other ceremonies every year.

1 minute walk from Asakusa station and 3 minutes walk to Sensoji temple and Kaminarimon.

It is a perfect place for sightseeing and can be used even with unfamiliar zori (Japanese sandals). Many of Asakusa's famous sights are nearby, making it a great place to walk around town in hakama.

Google review rating of 4.9 or higher

Our restaurant is highly rated by many of our customers through Google reviews. We would like to share with you some of the reviews we have received. We will continue to strive to improve our services.

  • Submitted by tanakaburanyi
  • "They were quick and helpful. They gave us advice no matter how confused we were about the type of kimono we were wearing, and even though we walked around the whole time, we never felt out of place. Everyone was really warm and I would go back again the next time I come!"

  • Submitted by Pokarin
  • "They were friendly and helpful, and they made me feel like I was on a trip by talking happily with me while I was getting dressed. I was very satisfied with the variety of kimonos, so much so that I got lost in them."

  • Submitted by Pekepeketa
  • "We used this place for the purpose of having a model wear a kimono for a photo shoot. The staff was kind and the dressing was done quickly and perfectly! I will use your service again.

FAQ - Hakama Rental Plan

Is it possible to reserve hakama?

Please make a reservation by selecting "Hakama Preview for Graduation Ceremony" from the menu on the reservation page. Please allow up to 30 minutes per customer.

I would like to make a reservation after comparing with other restaurants in Asakusa...

No problem. Please make a reservation on the "Hakama Preview for Graduation Ceremony" on the reservation page and compare with other stores.

Is next-day return possible?

This is an option, but can be arranged for 3,300 yen. Return by mail is not available.

What are the return times?

Please return by 5:30 p.m. on the same day.

What time is the next day return by?

Please return by 12:00 (noon) the next day.

Can I leave my luggage with you?

It is possible until 5:30 p.m. on the same day.

Can I add options on the day of the event?

It is possible. Please feel free to ask our staff if you would like to use this service. However, this is only possible when the product is in stock.

Can I bring my own kimono to be dressed?

If you bring your own kimono, the fee is a flat rate of 19,800 yen (tax not included) regardless of whether it is a komon, nishaku-sode, or furisode.


Hakama for elementary school children are not available.
Boots are not available. Please bring your own boots if you wish to wear them.
Group discounts do not apply to Hakama Rental Plan customers.
We do not accept returns by mail.
Customers using the next day return option will be asked to sign a consent form (return by 12:00 p.m. the next day/ deal with any stains on the kimono/ etc.)

Furisode Rental Plan

How about renting a Furisode in Asakusa and strolling around Asakusa? The prices are reasonable, so you can enjoy wearing furisode more easily. This is a great set of furisode that you can easily enjoy wearing only on special occasions. For couples, why don't you show your favorite guy a different side of you than usual?

Prices -Furisode Rental Plan

19,800 yen (tax not included)[21,780円(税込)]

3/6~4/9: 22,000 yen/person (tax not included) [24,200円/人(税込)]

We also recommend the Furisode Rental Plan for those who want to use Furisode for a full-fledged kimono. This is a full-fledged Furisode rental plan that can be worn for the Coming-of-Age Ceremony. This is a great plan that also includes a pouch for the furisode and a zori bag set. It is also perfect for pre-shoots for the coming-of-age ceremony! Of course, it is also recommended for taking commemorative photos while walking around town.

Set Contents -Furisode Rental Plan

  • Furisode rental (Furisode/Obi/Long underwear/Underwear)
  • Accessories rental (bags/ tabi/sori)
  • hair set
  • Baggage storage

Our furisode rentals are...

  • POINT1. Furisode is a popular brand of kimono!
  • We have many instagrammable furisode and popular brand kimonos to keep up with the trend. Fukuro obi (double-breasted obi) are also available from the same brand to match the furisode.

  • POINT2. Authentic furisode at a great price!
  • We offer furisode that are usually too expensive to rent at a very reasonable price.

  • POINT3. Many new furisode (long-sleeved kimono)!
  • We receive new furisode every year, so we carry many trendy new patterns. We are waiting for you with a wide variety of furisode, from classic retro styles to cute pop designs.

Do you have any of these problems? Furisode rental in Asakusa!

I want to rent a furisode, but I'm worried that it will be too expensive.
I want to choose the one that suits me from many kinds of furisode.
I want to wear a cute furisode.
I want to walk around in Asakusa in furisode (long-sleeved kimono).
I want to rent furisode for a photo shoot.
I want a kind store because it's my first time to wear furisode.

If you have any of these requests, please come to our store!

Same price no matter which kimono you choose

Every year, we bring in new furisode, so we have an abundance of designs that keep up with the latest trends! Of course, we also have a wide range of designs, from the standard gorgeous colors and patterns to more relaxed retro styles, so you can use them for ceremonies as well. We also have a large selection of cute and stylish furisode that are perfect for photo shoots.

Professional dressers and hair stylists

We have many kimono stylists and hair stylists who are active in the bridal and entertainment industry. We also have nationally certified kimono stylists, so you can use our services with peace of mind.

Excellent accessibility near the station!

Our store is conveniently located a 1-minute walk from Asakusa Station and a 3-minute walk from Sensoji Temple and Kaminarimon! It is the perfect place to stroll around Asakusa in furisode (long-sleeved kimono). There are also many great places to take pictures in the surrounding area, making it the perfect place to take commemorative photos while wearing furisode.

FAQ -Furisode Rental Plan

Is next-day return possible?

Next day return of furisode sleeves is available as an option for 3,300 yen. Please return by 12:00 p.m. the next day.

Can I return it by mail?

We do not accept returns by mail.

Can I bring my own furisode (long-sleeved kimono)?

Yes, available for 19,800 yen (tax not included). Other accessories can also be rented for a fee.

Can I rent just the accessories?

We do not rent only accessories. We also do not provide hair-set only service.

Can you provide early morning service?

Available on the coming-of-age day in January and between March 1 and 31, with the following rates: 5,500 yen for 7:00, 3,300 yen for 8:00, and 2,200 yen for 9:00.

Is it possible to make a preliminary inspection?

Please make a reservation by selecting "Adult kimono preview" from the menu on the reservation page. Please allow up to 30 minutes per customer.

Asakusa Kimono Recommendation
Rental Plans

Asakusa Yukata RentalStudent Discount Plan

1 person

3,980Yen(excluding tax)/ Name[4,378Yen (incl. tax)]

Asakusa Yukata RentalCouple Plan

2 persons per couple

7,980Yen(excluding tax)/ Team[8,778Yen (incl. tax)]

Asakusa Yukata RentalGroup Plans

3 persons

3,980Yen(excluding tax)/person[4,378Yen (incl. tax)]

Asakusa Yukata Full Set Plan

1 person

4,500Yen(excluding tax)/person[4,950Yen (incl. tax)]


Plan Fees

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Kamakura Store


Asakusa Store
Kamakura Store